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Welcome to the STAR Touring and Riding Association Chapter 146 Forum. This forum is privately operated by STAR Touring and Riding Association Chapter 146. Access to the forums is reserved for STAR members. All forums are family oriented and carry a “G” rating. The forums are designed for the enjoyment and participation by all family members, regardless of age, and without the need for parental or STAR censorship. Continue reading below for full set of forum guidelines.

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In order to insure a “G” rated, family oriented forum that can be enjoyed by all, the following items are unauthorized:

1. Offensive language and/or characters to disguise offensive language.
2. Inappropriate photos. (Would you show the picture to your 8-year-old daughter?)
3. Links to other competing organizations, or non G rated sites. Vendor links should be put on the LINKS page.
4. Instant messaging and/or “chat rooms,” hijacking a topic thread, or multiple posts on the same topic on multiple forums.
5. “Bike bashing”. We are all individuals and our ride is a personal reflection of our own enjoyment.
6. Advertising or unsolicited advertising (spamming) by members, dealers, manufacturers, vendors, motorcycle organizations, other businesses, or organizations via web board posts, emails, or web links, without prior written permission from the STAR International office.
7. Harvesting of database information for membership or product solicitation by members, dealers, manufacturers, vendors, or any other organization.
8. Defamation of character, personal attacks, or threats against other members or groups related to, but not limited to, race, creed, color, sex, religion, sexual orientation, political viewpoint, or education.
9. Personal grievances between members, STAR Touring and Riding Association, Star Motorcycles, Yamaha, dealers, vendors, or other organizations.
10. Disruptive, confrontational, or anonymous posts.

Moderators are there to monitor the web site insuring the guidelines are being followed and identifying the offenders to protect the web site for the betterment of STAR members and their families. Violation of the above guidelines will result in, but will not be limited to: Removal of posts, photos, or links. Violations will result in temporary or permanent suspension and/or revocation of the offender’s (and his/her family members’) access to the STAR Chapter 146 forum. This forum is not a public forum. As the operator, STAR Touring & Riding Association Chapter 146 reserves the right to limit and/or deny access to this site by anyone who does not follow the guidelines listed above. Access is a privilege allotted to its members not the general public.

Thank you for being a member of STAR Touring and Riding. We invite you to participate in the forums and share information, fun events, and photos as well as enjoy other members’ riding adventures in the spirit of the STAR family. We look forward to seeing you in our online community.