If you would like to go for a ride with us, read the information below, check our ride calendar, then just show up! We welcome new riders!

Our Group Riding Style

What You Can Expect On One Of Our Rides 

All bike brands and riders of all ages, genders, and nationalities are welcome as long as they:

  • Show a current Driver’s License with a motorcycle endorsement.
  • Show proof of current motorcycle insurance.
  • Sign a Star Touring Ride Waiver (link to the right)

Expect 6-12 bikes on a ride. If we get more than 12-bikes, we split up the group.

Our Road Captains plan for gas, restroom, and stretch stops at least every 100-miles/2-hours and often earlier.

Expect a Shepherd or experienced member to answer questions, help you feel welcome, and help you adapt to our riding style.

Watch a short series of 3-5 minutes videos (link to the right) to learn more about our group riding style.


Safety Notice

We have provided some short (<5-minutes) group riding videos (link to the right) to introduce riders new to our group to our group riding style. However, while these videos demonstrate some riding style expectations from our group members, our number one expectation, is that you maintain your own safety:

  • Ride within your limits.
  • Make decisions appropriate for safe travel under current conditions instead of what you think the group may expect of you.
  • Always be visually scanning 10-20 seconds ahead instead of staring at the scenery or the rider in front of you.

Ride Regulations

The International Star Council of the Star Touring and Riding Association has established the following ride regulations for chapter events.

  • Rides shall have a Road Captain and a Tailgunner that work together to control the group formation and present motorcycling in a positive and professional manner.
  • The Road Captain leads the ride and is in charge of the ride pace, formation, and route, and must adhere to posted speed limits.
  • The Tailgunner follows the group, keeps an eye on group safety and pulls over with any rider that needs to drop out of the group while the rest of the group continues on to a safe place to stop and wait.
  • Road Captain and Tailgunner pre-ride the route no more than a week in advance, to verify navigation and route safety, and plan gas and rest stops.
  • No drugs or alcohol are to be consumed as part of any formal chapter event. “The vest doesn’t drink!”

For the full set of ride rules, click the link to the right.

Visitors may ride with us three times, after which they must register with STAR International to continue riding with us. For more information on joining STAR and our local chapter, check out Join Our Chapter.

If you have further questions, feel free to contact us.